Cops Walk Into Motel And Quickly Uncover Worst Crime Scene They’ve Ever Seen, Make Mom Pay

It was a normal day – a little rain and cold – but otherwise normal. A forgettable day actually. One you would never write home about. But on that day, police officers in Ohio would get a call that they would never forget for the rest of their life.

When they were sent to check out a room at a motel, they walked in on a strange woman. She motioned for the officers to be silent. With her hand at her lips, she shushed them and asked them to move very quietly.

Then she uttered her odd request…
Inside the filthy motel room, the Ohio cops had been distracted by the woman’s behavior. But then it hit them and they noticed the threesome’s strange use of bedsheets.

But the sight of it alone – let alone the smell – made the Ohio officers sick to their stomachs. Disturbed and disgusted, they fled the motel room. Although they had been trained to handle all types of crimes and situations – nothing, NOTHING could have prepared them for this filthy Ohio motel.

It all happened at the Parkway Inn in Middletown, Ohio. The female caller reported having a problem with one of her young sons. She refused to be clear on the phone and this worried the dispatchers. The cops rushed out to the scene as fast as possible.

Only when the cops had entered the motel room did they realized the horror. That’s when they saw what had happened over the last 22 hours.

According to WDTN, 26-year-old Theresa Hawkins-Stephens had rented the motel room to stay in with her two boys. They were 5 and 6. Her 29-year-old girlfriend Rachel Bostian also stayed with them. As well as Bostian’s 56-year-old mother Ramona Bostian.

The call came because one of the boy’s had fallen “unconscious.”
The caller was frantic. She reported that the child had run away for a couple of days. While they never reported him missing as they should have, they said other kids found him. And reportedly “messed him up real bad.”

But that was all a lie to hide the despicable truth.

Officers found not just the beaten boy, but both small children, wrapped in a sheet in a cocoon-like state. The boys had been defenseless to the woman as they furiously beat and abused the children for 22 hours straight.

It all had really started when one of the boys had taken food because they were hungry. That act had set the three women off on a rampage. For nearly an entire day, they “disciplined” the children with beatings and torturous acts.

The abused boys were rushed to the hospital. The next day, the youngest was pronounced dead. All because his mother and her friends had become upset with them for eating food.

Because the abuse was obvious, the women were arrested when the police had recovered. But after he died, their charges were upgraded accordingly.

What kind of punishment do you think is fair for these women?
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UPS Driver Never Imagined the News Would Catch What He Did to Elderly Woman’s Home

An 84-year-old- woman from South Carolina, Nancy McCummings, has sadly lived through what most parents dread. She outlived all of her children.

Nancy’s disabled son recently passed away, leaving her alone in her home — a situation that is hard to manage on her fixed income. Nancy has trouble getting around and looking after her place, which has caused a great deal of home maintenance to go unfinished.

Nancy’s home was flooded and then infested with roaches, rendering the home unlivable — or at least, that was until UPS driver Dwight Praylow stepped in , according to WLTX-TV.

He felt that the community had forgotten about this woman, so he took a leap of faith and with the help of his twin brother and a few friends, he raised money to put McCummings into a hotel while they took care of the house.

They cleaned the entire home with bleach, they took care of the roach infestation, and they repainted. They are not yet done with renovations yet either, as it seems that they are planning on rebuilding the kitchen!

McCummings was so overjoyed that she now says these boys are her boys; she’s unofficially adopted them. The amazing UPS driver doesn’t mind that term of endearment at all.

Video below:

“To me it goes back to that saying, it takes a village to raise a child,” Praylow explained. “So when that child gets to be elderly; who is going to take care of them? So to me its a reach back kind of thing.”

With a few more hands getting on board,” he added, “we can show the miracle of what the village can do to take care of the people in our community who can’t take care of themselves.”

And I don’t know how anyone could add to that.


Matt had been driving along a road when he noticed something strange. Something was crawling along the side of the road, so he pulled over to see what was going on. But he wasn’t expecting to see this little lady!

He got a closer look, only to discover that it was a baby kitten, crawling, having no idea what was happening.

“I found this little lady in the middle of a buys street so I stopped to pick her up. She was crawling in the street in an area only surrounded by woods so she was either born there and the mother didn’t get to transfer the whole litter or someone just dumped her,” wrote Matt.

The next day, Matt took her to the vet to try and get rid of all the fleas, and as soon as they got in the truck to head back home, the little baby kitten fell asleep. Matt didn’t have the heart to wake the sweet pea, so they stayed in the truck for about an hour until she woke up.

Matt even joked, saying he found a stray that snores as loud as a train! But despite all of that, he fell in love with the little lady. But there was one problem.

“I’m stupid allergic so I had to find her a home. I actually interviewed two people who wanted her and told the first person no because the living situation didn’t sound like it would be good for he,” said Matt.
Eventually, he was able to find her the perfect and loving home. And to make it even better? The family who adopted her also have another rescue cat, and luckily, they get along very well!

We are so happy that Matt stopped to help this little baby, and we are so glad she found her forever home!

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Group Of Boys Jumping On Trampoline Suddenly Stop – Then Mom Realizes What Made Them Fo Still

A group of boys jumping on a trampoline suddenly stopped and stood still, and the reason why prompted one of the boys’ mother to snap a photo and share the special moment on Facebook.

Tania Duenas Sweeney, who lives on Rammstein Air Base in Germany with her family, took to Facebook to share the photo – which showed her son and his friends standing in a circle on a trampoline.

“It’s 5 o’clock (m-f)… national anthems play (German and American). I love that these boys stop whatever they are doing and show their respect to our current country and the good ole USA! We love this neighborhood,” she wrote in the social media post.

Sweeney explained to Independent Journal Review that every weekday, the end of a work day is signaled by the playing of both the German and American national anthems.

“If you are outside you must stop what you are doing and face the direction of the anthems or a visible flag. Everything stops on base…adults, kids, all vehicles will turn on hazards and stop traffic to show respect,” she said.

She said she felt compelled to document the fact that her kids knew to stop what they were doing and participate in the gesture.

“I love that our boys know now and do it automatically. I was doing dishes in the house and looked out the window to see them at attention. It warmed my heart,” she said. “[As an example]: my son has baseball practice that starts at 5 pm on Tues and Thursday on base. Coaches ask kids to get there at 4:45, because of the anthem. The kids to get settled and be ready/and start before the anthems play, because the practice will stop and all hats off.”

Sweeney also shared something said to her by the mother of another one of the boys.

I think with my kids they know the reason that they are expected to salute the flag and the anthem. Many kids learn about being reverent from school and scouting but military kids take that more seriously. They know the importance of service to ones country and they see it on a daily basis with their mom or dad.

These military kids sacrifice so much to support their military parent and it becomes part of who they are. They endure extended periods of time without their military parent and mature a little more quickly than the average kid. They feel pride in their country and it is amplified living on base and especially in an overseas location. I am so proud of every boy in that picture, especially because no one made those kids show respect, they did it because they truly respect the USA.

The amazing photo and gesture of respect quickly went viral, with many readers praising the boys for doing what they did.

“All military wives & kids learn what this all really means on any base. We are proud of our military, and so very proud these young folks have figured it all out! God Bless them,” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“It is heartwarming to see young boys showing respect for our country and flag! Thank you for sharing this and for instilling honor and respect to our country to them!” another added.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, Newsiosity/Facebook, Tania Duenas Sweeney/Facebook / Photo credit: Tania Duenas Sweeney/Facebook via Newsiosity

Rude Husband Criticizes Wife After Delivery, Then Doctors Are Blindsided By Wife’s Reaction

Dr. Brian Snyder, an emergency surgeon, walked outside the hospital doors to find a woman going into labor inside of a truck parked out front. He knew there wasn’t enough time to get her inside so they had to act fast – but what unfolded after the birth is something the entire delivery staff could have never predicted.

Andrea’s baby just couldn’t wait to be born into the world. That’s when Dr. Snyder prepared for a delivery right in the front seat of a truck. The situation became critical when he told the mom-to-be to stop pushing, because the umbilical cord had become wrapped around the baby’s neck. After the doctor was able to delicately untangle the cord, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Dr. Snyder then asked Andrea’s husband if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord, and handed him a pair of surgical scissors.

As many people know, having a baby can get a bit messy. So when Andrea’s husband saw the condition of his new truck, he was angry and demanded to know why she couldn’t have waited another 15 minutes. Evidently, he didn’t understand that you can’t just “hold it in” when it comes to giving birth! That comment was the last straw for a very emotional new mother. What she did next was absolutely hilarious – and he deserved every bit of it! Watch the video below to see how outlaw style “new mom justice” was dealt to this rude dad.

Woman Slams Veteran In Middle Of Restaurant, Then He Shuts Her Up In EPIC Way

Our country’s veterans have given up so much for us. They give up their homes, their families, their comfort, and their safety to fight for us and protect us so we can enjoy our freedom and feel safe at night.

While veterans do get some benefits, those small discounts and perks are nothing compared to what they have given.
Some people, though, have a hard time understanding just what these veterans have done for them.

Such was the case when one young veteran stepped up to the counter of a fast food restaurant to order a meal. After ordering he asked if they offered a military discount. He definitely wasn’t expecting the response he received.

A woman standing behind him in line told him he was being rude to ask for the discount. She said he was acting entitled to ask for “special privileges” because he was in the military.

Though I’m sure the young soldier was stunned at first, he quickly shut her up with what he did next.
Click below to see his epic response for yourself:

“It’s not a privilege, it’s a discount,” he told her. “A privilege is getting to go home. To go home to your family every night. To go home in a free country.”

“Some people give up their privileges so that people like you can have them,” he added.

After he finished telling the woman off, a girl in line stepped up to pay for the man’s meal, and the store manager actually ended up giving him his meal for free.
Hopefully that woman learned her lesson that day. Veterans deserve our respect!

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She’s just 7-years-old and she has been tormented by an 11-year-old boy that has bullied her for more than a year. The bullying has been so severe that she is afraid to go outside to play. At one point the boy beat her up so badly that she had to go to the hospital.

“She was pushing her bike home and the bully had pushed her to the ground, had kicked her and had punched her in her face,” her mom, Christine said. While the boy’s mother denies the allegations, the young man was charged with assault.
So Ashely Wastakiewicz stayed cooped up in her home.

Ashley’s mom created an anti-bullying Facebook page called “Justice for Ashley” to rally support for her. But you can bet that Christine never expected that these heroes would rally around them! Dozens of members of a local motorcycle club showed up in Ashley’s front yard to show their support and maybe show a little bit of intimidation to the neighbor bully!

Credit: John R. Spencer / Facebook

“We got word from other brothers at other clubs and we all met,” local biker James Dingmon, a member of American Veterans Motorcycle Club of Jackson, said. “I don’t believe in bullying. Nobody should be bullied. We wanted a show of force, that she is loved and she’s got people out here that care for her.”

Another biker, John R. Spencer, wrote on the Facebook page after showing up for Ashley, “We made a difference tonight and helped in the widespread fight against bullying, particularly with a very serious case with a wonderful little 7 year old girl named Ashley, whom has (had) a terrible bully in her neighborhood for quite some time now and has been terrified to play outside her own home after being sent to the E.R. and continuously threatened and hurt.”

The bikers walked down the street with Ashley while she rode her scooter. They even paid the bully neighbor a visit. Ashley yelled from the street with pride, “I’m not scared anymore!”

The bikers promised to stay in contact with Ashley and her family. They hope that word will spread and violent and destructive bullying will come to an end. As you watch the video below, you can feel the smile on Ashley’s face.

9-Year-Old Boy Asks For Dessert, School Calls Him Racist And Calls 911

Police were called to a New Jersey elementary school after a 9-year-old student said, “Brownies,” while talking about snacks, his mother alleged.

Another student reportedly misinterpreted the comment and thought it was said in a racist way, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. A teacher subsequently called police.

“He said they were talking about brownies,” Stacy dos Santos, the child’s mother, said. “Who exactly did he offend?”

Dos Santos added that the incident has made her think twice about sending her child back to the school in the fall.

“I’m not comfortable with the administration; I don’t trust them, and neither does my child,” she said. “He was intimidated, obviously. There was a police officer with a gun in the holster talking to my son, saying, ‘Tell me what you said.’ He didn’t have anybody on his side.”

Officers also spoke to the children’s parents, and the incident was reported to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

Collingswood Police Chief Kevin Carey stated during a meeting with school officials that they should report incidents to police, including cases “as minor as a simple name-calling incident that the school would typically handle internally.”

Police also said they were advised to refer almost every case to Child Protection and Permanency.

This policy was a shift from the previous one under the Memorandum of Agreement between the police and schools in New Jersey, under which incidents were reported only when deemed serious enough. Such action was typically taken in cases involving drugs, weapons or sexual assault.

Since the meeting, officers have been called to the school as often as five times per day.

“Some of it is just typical little-kid behavior,” teacher Megan Irwin said. “Never before in my years of teaching have I felt uncomfortable handling a situation or felt like I didn’t know how to handle a situation.”

The mayor, police and Camden County Prosecutor’s Office ultimately arranged a meeting to discuss incidents.

“In our discussion today, you and your staff made it abundantly clear that our recent meeting was to reinforce the applicability of the Memorandum of Agreement, but not to expand its terms,” Collingswood Mayor Jim Maley wrote in a letter to the prosecutor’s office, the Collingswod Patch reported.

Sources: Philadelphia Inquirer, Collingswood Patch / Photo credit: Google Maps via Daily Mail

VIDEO: Driver Being Tailgated Gets INSTANT Justice After Making Sudden Move On Interstate

We’ve all had to deal with aggressive drivers on the road. Any time we venture outside out our houses and onto the roadways, we come across people who just shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

Australia’s Nine MSN reported that one driver in Little Chute, Wisconsin, got revenge on a driver who was tailgating him by slamming on the brakes, causing the other driver to panic and lose control.

Dash cam footage from 2016 of the entire interaction shows the two cars driving down the highway, with one car only inches from the other car’s bumper.

After dealing with this annoyance for several yards, the driver of the leading car tapped his breaks, causing the tailgating driver to panic.

The tailgater slammed on his brakes, however he quickly lost control of his car due to the high rate of speed. The car swerved in and out of its lane before crashing into the grass verge.

The car then came to a complete stop after smashing into the crash barriers. When the police arrived, the driver received a ticket for tailgating.

Local police warned that “brake checking” or deliberately activating your breaks to get another car to back off, is not encouraged as it could lead to a serious accident.

“Instead of taking things into your own hands, if you’re upset at another driver or you feel actions are dangerous, call us. That’s what we’re here for,” police spokesman Michael Lambie said.

Of course, using your phone while driving is against the law in many states, so it is unclear how you are supposed to turn someone in for tailgating you while you are driving.

If everyone just respected the rules of the road, there wouldn’t be a need for ticketing reckless drivers. Instead, some people seem to feel that the rules just don’t apply to them and will do reckless things, putting other people’s lives in danger.

H/T U.K. Daily Mail

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This Guy Spends His One Free Day A Week Cleaning Veterans’ Tombstones

This man spends his only day off a week cleaning army veterans’ gravestones in an unbelievable act of kindness.

If you only had one day off a week, most likely you’d spend it chilling with friends and family or down the pub – almost certainly nothing productive…

However, Sundays for Andrew Lumish are far from a day of rest. Instead he gets down and dirty with a scrubbing brush and heads to graveyards around Tampa, Florida, in a bid to clean up veterans’ tombstones.

The 46-year-old who has his own cleaning service, spends up to ten hours a day, cleaning and scouring away at the gravestones of long dead army heroes, in a bid to honour their life’s work and sacrifice, CBS reports.

Sometimes the gravestones are particularly weathered and decayed and can take months to clean up, so in the meantime, Andrew makes it his mission to learn about the person beneath the grave in order to keep their memory alive.

Andrew has now polished up over 300 graves and has even started photographing them to document his work and the lives of the lost-but-not-forgotten heroes.

He told the Tampa Bay Times:

Something bothered me. Their final resting places were total disasters. They’d been neglected from the time they’d been buried.

The grave-cleaner takes his work very seriously and hopes to breathe life back into the memories of the long dead heroes and help to keep them alive today.

He told CBS News:

If [people] can’t read it at all, they can’t celebrate it, they can’t honour that person, they can’t appreciate that person.

Whereas if you properly restore the monuments, you can begin an entire conversation, and potentially — in a figurative sense – bring that person back to life.

Once his handywork is complete, Andrew shares a post to his aptly titled Facebook page The Good Cemetarian and even shares a few titbits of information from the lost person’s life.

He told Reader’s Digest:

Some of these guys, who some consider heroes, would leave their wife for another woman, and leave six kids.

It’s a war hero who won a medal of honour for serving in the Civil War and was thrown in jail for not paying child support. … It’s like the Real Housewives of 1985.

What a kind and selfless way to spend a Sunday. He might be doing his bit to help the heroes of the past, but this guy too is a true hero.

What a legend.