A dress in the winter – warm and stylish solution

The fact that the winter is already here is not an excuse to ignore your desire to be stylish, elegant, feminine and fashionable, without compromising on the comfort and the cozy convenience of the clothes.


The winter dresses are a very suitable solution for the selection of an outfit, whether it is an everyday dress with which to impress your colleagues in the office, or a spectacular dress for an evening party, cocktail party or a romantic date.


The fabrics in the winter dresses are soft, warm, maximum natural – cotton, wool, cashmere… The knitting does not leave the fashion catwalks for several seasons, and it is a very suitable choice for the dress or tunic, which can emphasize your femininity during the colder winter days.


For the combination of the dress with the rest of the winter outfit, the field of action is unrestricted and depends only on your taste and the occasion for which you are choosing the outfit. For the everyday life in the office combine with a soft cardigan in a contrasting color or shade tone in tone. Great and very stylish is the ensemble of dress with a cotton shirt that gives strictly elegant but sexy look. The combination of the dress and jacket is a timeless classic and does not allow comments – current in all seasons, as the winter is an extremely rewarding season for the play of imagination in this direction.


When the dress you choose will be carried on a more engaging event like an evening party, or a business cocktail, the requirements are different.


At dinner in a restaurant, you can safely walk your long to the ankle stylish dress which effectively to highlight your curves without making you ashamed of your choice. Rely on the attractive fabric – elastic falling heavily downwards – the so fashionable this season velvet is an excellent choice.


The corporate party also has its own requirements – for it is appropriate the choice of dress in length around the knee, with a classic straight cut and a soft cardigan which you can take off in the second, in which the degree of the mood increases.



A dress in the winter – warm and stylish solution

The denim skirt – comfortable and hot

The denim skirt is among the clothes which every self-respecting woman should have in her wardrobe. It is sexy and at the same time makes you feel comfortable when you wear it. Of course, ladies denim skirts can be with different cuts and lengths. What remains unchanged is that the denim skirts never go out of style and are always appropriate regardless of the occasion.

The flared denim skirt to the knee is appropriate for every type of women’s body shapes. Ladies with bigger waist can use this model which covers the imperfections and at the same time creates a feeling of lightness and femininity. Veils and pleats are very fashionable this season so you can make your choice with them. No doubt you will look good and will be in conformity with the latest fashion trends.


n be combined with pretty ladies sandals with thin crossed straps. You can complete your appearance with the appropriate accessories.The color of the denim skirt is a matter of personal preference. The blue color is no doubt a classic when it comes to denim clothes. If you like the diversity of colors and like to experiment with your vision you can choose a brighter color like red, lemon yellow or orange. Denim skirts in this shade are a great offer for the spring and summer season. They are colorful, bright and very fresh.

Regardless of the color and the model the denim skirt remains one of the most preferred and selected women’s clothes. Wear it with confidence and feel beautiful.

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The denim skirt – comfortable and hot


The fashion in the dresses for the upcoming year

The past year has laid the foundation for the bright and extravagant color solutions in the dress. This garment has always been a synonym for the femininity and beauty of the woman. Whether the established fashion will be retained or not remains to be seen. For now we are left only with the opportunity to look at the proposals of the designers for the dress for the forthcoming year.

The vintage fashion enters more convincing in the models of the dresses. At the forefront appears the everyday attire. The models aim to highlight even more the femininity of all the ladies. The dress will be able to satisfy simultaneously the taste of the woman – the career woman and the gentle Lolita.


In the design of the dresses for the new season is bet on borrowings from the culture and style of the Mediterranean. Various fashion concepts from different places in this region find expression through the dress of next year. Some of the most – popular decoration items will be the ethnic ornaments. The length of the garment is designed to the knees. This makes the dress in an appropriate outfit for the office. The modern garment will be equipped with a belt of varying width. The dress is sleeveless, and if it has any sleeves, they are short and to the shoulders. The neckline of the garment is oval and retracted. This further strengthens the business look of the modern dress. The model is retracted, but from the waist down the fabric is cut gets wider. The dresses are disguised in light and soft colors. The bright and screaming combinations are left behind.

Extremely modern will be the patterns with floral elements. They are present in the decoration of the belt to the dress. If we have to define the dress for the new season, it can be called “multifunctional”. The manufactured models are suitable for every occasion – from an official event to a walk with friends.

The fashion in the evening dresses also does not remain unchanged. The designers rely on luxurious fabrics, metal elements and the eternal velvet. The models are with straps and bare back. Some of them are equipped with sleeves which can be combined with other clothes. The length of the evening dresses is also to the knee. The cut “peplum” stands out among the proposals of the designers. The metallic inserts and small crystals are present in the decoration of the modern dresses. The colors are dark blue, black and burgundy.

The velvet comes back in fashion, to highlight the depth and softness of the color of the garment. For the more provocative ladies the designers offer dresses made from natural or synthetic leather.

The proposals for the new year are already here. From delicate dresses with floral motifs to clothing in leather for an evening party. The choice will be huge and there will be something for every woman.

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