Sailor Kneels in Front of Gate and Grabs Age 5 Daughter’s Hand. But Knows Why She Won’t Stop Crying

Isabelle’s father was stationed on the HMS Ocean, the U.K. Royal navy’s largest operational ship. It serves as a helicopter carrier and amphibious assault ship and has been away in the Gulf.

“I’m very proud because it’s his first deployment as a petty officer,” Isabelle’s mom, Luisa Jefferey said about her husband Petty Officer Adam Jeffrey. He had been deployed for six months.

Little Isabelle was quickly spotted and picked up by her dad. She looked like she would never let go.

She had waited patiently with her mom and younger brother Dominic. The trio arrived early in the morning for Jeffrey’s arrival and held up a homemade sign that said “Welcome home Daddy.”

The Jeffrey family was among thousands of people waiting to greet sailor friends and relatives at the Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth, U.K. The pier quickly became the scene of many hugs, kisses, and happy reunions.

I’m relieved for my children that their dad is home. Now he can watch them grow up,” Jeffery said among hundreds of other teary-eyed wives.

Despite the cold weather, the turn out was massive. Many families brought signs and banners, and waved excitedly as the ship came into view.

Some families traveled from all over to the U.K. for the exciting event. A woman named Liz told The Plymouth Herald that she had “traveled all the way from Enniskillen in Northern Ireland to meet her son, Lieutenant David Doherty.”

Meanwhile, a Royal Marine Band played in the background to keep the crowd entertained, but there was little need to keep them excited. Hopefully, there will be many happy days ahead for these reunited families!

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