Public Bus Driver Spots Age 5 Girl Alone at Stop. Knows She Needs Help Moment She Looks at Feet

Tiffani Lee, a Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver, was driving her bus when she spotted a little girl all by herself. She thought that she might need help and drove up to her.

Outside, it was cold and raining. As soon as Lee saw the girl’s feet, she knew something was wrong.
“She was walking by herself and she had on one flip flop and one tennis shoe,” said Lee. The temperature was in the 40s and the girl was totally alone.

Lee invited her to warm up inside of the bus and the girl thankfully accepted. Meanwhile, Lee called the police.

A camera in the bus captured the scene. It was later shared online by the Milwaukee County Transit System.
“I’m a parent, so I knew no parent would let their children be outside in that kind of weather with a flip flop and a tennis shoe, no way,” Lee told Fox News. She was right.

The video shows Lee trying to calm the girl down. “She calmed down because we got to talking about nail polish. She had on pink and I had on Easter purple,” Lee said.

Soon, a police officer arrived on the scene. The little girl let him know that she was lost and he was able to get the her back to her family.

Apparently, the 5-year-old simply decided to go for a walk. While her parents and siblings were asleep, the young girl managed to unlock the door and slip away.

The family was extremely grateful for Lee and the police. “Thank you (to) that bus driver. Thank you so much. I got my baby back,” Cheryl Wentland, the girl’s aunt, said.

“That tore me up that week so bad,” she said about the events. It was understandably a frightening experience for both the girl and her family but thanks to Lee’s quick actions, she was returned home unharmed.

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