When this police officer received a call about a shoplifter, he didn’t think much of it. But when he arrived at the scene, he was faced with a heartbreaking situation.

Officer Milton arrived at a Family Dollar Store, where the employees were holding the suspect. The suspect? A 12 year old girl who was caught stealing a pair of $2 shoes for her 5 year old sister.

She tried to explain that her sister needed new shoes, desperately, but her family couldn’t afford them.

The officer decided to drive the girl home, and met with her family. There he found out that she was the oldest of 4 children, and that the mother was a stay-at-home mom because the family couldn’t afford daycare.

She went on to say that her husband has a job, but he doesn’t make a lot of money, and it is hard on the family. Milton could easily see the tough situation the family was in. So he decided to show them some kindness.

He bought 4 pizzas, and had them delivered to the house, along with drinks. He wanted to make sure they were taken care of for the night. But he did another thing that only a humble person would do. He did not want any recognition for his actions.

But the family wanted everyone to know what this officer did for them. He did such a selfless thing, and we cannot thank him enough.

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