NY NBA Star Gives US Soldiers The FINGER, Refuses To Eat With Them While Training At Military Camp

What kind of asshat does this? Joakim Noah was training at West Point and then refused to eat with the rest of the New York Knicks with the cadets because he’s anti-war. Really? That’s about as rude as it gets. Those cadets are not the ones instigating war and if war comes, they will willingly serve to protect our country. You know, the one that makes it possible for this moron to earn $72 million over the next four years. What a jerk.

I’m really getting sick to death of all these athletes taking their supposed political stances against the heroes of our country. These teams could step in and put a stop to this. Noah had the full support of his coach when he pulled this stunt. All of them are going to wind up getting boycotted and it serves them right. Saying that he “absolutely” understood Noah’s point of view, Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek explained:

“Jo’s done, in all his stuff that he does against gun violence and all that, he just didn’t feel comfortable, so that’s plenty fine with us.”

Do tell. Well, then the Knicks shouldn’t mind if their fans and the rest of America take a hike and take their money with them.

From the New York Daily News:

Joakim Noah violated one of the basic rules of guest etiquette this week by boycotting a team dinner with West Point cadets that featured a speech from a retired Army Colonel.

As we all know, it’s never polite to insult your host.

Noah is anti-war, which is great. Most right minded adults oppose war and that would include the young men and women at the U.S. Military Academy. You can still be a conscientious objector while earning $72 million over the next four years and still spend quality time with the people who are dedicated to serving and protecting the country.

This could not have gone over well at the NBA league office where almost one year ago to the day Adam Silver announced that Gen. Martin Dempsey, the recently retired chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was appointed as a special adviser to the NBA Commissioner.

For the last several years, Knicks players — who hold their training camp at West Point — have traditionally dined with cadets, listening to speeches from military officers and signing autographs. If you are in someone’s house, you honor them. Someone might want to tell this Noah idiot that.

It figures this guy is a big fan of Barack Obama. Why am I not surprised? Noah’s stance has not prevented him from spending time with President Obama. In 2011, during Obama’s re-election campaign, Noah even joined several of his fellow NBA players at a fundraiser for the incumbent president. So, he’s a Marxist as well as anti-war. He’s the whole liberal package.

Noah also applauded his fellow athletes who “are taking a stand,” saying that “this country’s out of control” and “there are things that need to be fixed.” Here’s a thought… if he can’t honor those at West Point, he should take his sorry ass and leave. He won’t be missed and at least one thing will be ‘fixed’.


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