Man Who Tried To Rape Little Girl And Shot Her Mother Learns His Fate

Nathaniel “Nate” Hunter, 34, broke into a family’s apartment in South Carolina, at 3 AM. He had a gun pointed at the mother and daughter when he demanded they both take off all off their clothes. The mother went along at first, then she fought back to try and protect her 6-year-old daughter from being raped.

Hunter shot the mother five times before fleeing the scene. Lucky for police, Hunter left behind a hat which was later used to identify him (DNA evidence). The mother has recovered from the gunshot wounds.

Hunter was finally sentenced on April 28, and he will spend the next 45 years in prison.

The little girl, now 9, has emotional scars that may never fully heal. Her mother pleaded in court for Hunter to get a long prison term for what he did. The mother said her daughter’s innocence and sense of security were forever stolen. This was not Hunter’s first attempt at sexual assault, he had a previous conviction of indecent exposure involving a child.
At the time, he was bailed out for charges of murder, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and first-degree burglary. So, this just shows us that people charged with serious crimes should NOT be allowed out of prison on bail.

The way the criminal justice system works could mean that Hunter is out of prison in 20 years if he has a record of good behavior.

Let us hope he stays behind bars and can’t hurt any more people.

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