Intruder Breaks In with Criminal Intentions. Soon Finds Out He Picked Wrong Woman to Mess With

A person’s home is supposed to be their “castle.” People work hard to buy homes, pay their mortgages, and keep their property — and themselves — safe.

That’s why home invasion always feels like such a personal crime. To know that somebody has entered your sacred space, uninvited and unwanted, can enrage even the most even-tempered among us.

Even worse is when homes are broken into while the owners are inside. Not only is this a violation of property rights, but an armed and panicky intruder can pose a serious threat to the safety of the homeowners.
Sometimes, level-headed homeowners are able to stand up for themselves and ward off the would-be burglars. When intruders rushed past Lisa Morelock at her own front door, she had only one thought: “No. Not today.”

Lisa Morelock is a Tennessee woman standing at just under five feet tall and has a low tolerance for burglary. Recently, she heard a knock at the door and opened it to discover a strange woman on her doorstep.

The woman told Morelock that she needed help finding her lost dog. But before she even had time to think, Morelock found herself being rushed by the woman and a man in a ski mask.

As if that wasn’t traumatic enough, Morelock got an even bigger scare when she realized that the masked intruder was armed with a gun. That’s when she decided that she wasn’t going to let this fly.

Morelock grabbed a nearby baseball bat and started defending herself. And defend herself she did, leaving her attacker thoroughly bruised.

Fortunately, Morelock had some extra assistance to aid her in the melee. Her teenage daughter and a friend joined her in fighting off the intruders.

Eventually, she was able to unmask the failed thief. She was shocked to discover that it was none other than Joe Sotello, a long-time friend of the family. His female accomplice turned out to be his girlfriend.

Oddly enough, Sotello ran to a house down the street for safety. But the residents there were related to Morelock, and they detained the would-be robber until he could be taken into custody.

Sotello’s head-scratching betrayal seems infuriating and nonsensical, but it served at least one useful function. It taught local criminals one very important lesson, and one that they won’t soon forget: Don’t mess with Lisa Morelock!

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