Rugged Homeless Man Pleads Restaurant for Water. Moments Later, Shocked by What She Tells Manager

A heartwarming post shared on Facebook illustrated the perfect example of compassion and kindness. Scott Grubitz originally sent the sweet story to a page called Helping Hands of Amarillo, and it has since gone viral by more than 2,000 likes.

It was the afternoon of April 13, and Grubitz was working in the city of Amarillo, Texas, which wasn’t his normal job location. When it came time for his lunch break, he decided to grab a bite to eat at a local Long John Silver’s.

While there, Grubitz witnessed a good deed from one of the employees named Janet. A rugged homeless man came up to the counter and asked the young lady for water.

She “politely” gave him a cup to go pour water into for himself. The guy must have been exhausted from the Texas heat, because Grubitz said he stood there the entire time as he cooled down with his refreshing cup of water.

“I try not to judge a book by its cover but, he looked like he had no money and was probably very hungry,” he wrote in the post. And, it seemed like Janet was thinking the same thing.

According to Grubitz’s story, she went to her manager, whom they refer to as “Captain,” and started to briefly talk about their distressed guest. Captain was completely fine with the man being there in his restaurant, so they decided to treat him to lunch.

Janet soon came from behind the counter and brought the man a full tray of food. Grubitz said the guy quickly sat down to enjoy his free meal.

Grubitz was so pleased by her endearing actions that he decided to approach the young woman to tell her thank you. She informed him that it was actually her boss who gave her “permission” to give the man the food.

Helping others has always been a common thing for Captain, and that may have shocked Grubitz even more. “I’ve always loved Long John’s and this was just the cherry on top,” he mentioned.

Grubitz later wrote: “You folks are a real Class Act and I will definitely be returning. I wish more places would do the same instead of tossing the food they don’t sell in the garbage.”

One commenter on Love What Matters’ re-post of the story completely agreed with Grubitz. They wrote: “Restaurants should allow homeless or those who can’t afford to buy a meal to come in at the close of the day and have a free meal instead of tossing it in the garbage dump. Donate the food to shelters or to needy families. God would want us to do this…”

That could be a good idea, and perhaps a creative solution for restaurants to cut down on food waste. It’s a blessing to help others when the opportunity presented itself.

-When another customer witnessed what was going on, he knew he needed to snap a photo and share their story…

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