Mom Sees Red Marks In Pic Of Her Son, Horrified By Boyfriend’s Sick Secret

Working mother DJ Gilbert left her son at home with her boyfriend while she went to her job. However, she knew something was off when the man sent her a picture of the boy’s “rash” and came home to find a mother’s worst nightmare.

Mirror reports that little Korbin Edwards was being watched by Daniel Rose, 32, when the boy had an accident in his pants. Rose became angry and placed the boy in a scalding bath as punishment. He called DJ at work and then sent a picture of Korbin’s burns, describing them as a rash.

Pictured: Daniel Rose (Photo credit: Caters News Agency)
“I asked him to send me a picture and when I received it, Korbin was red from the mid-belly down to his feet,” DJ recalled, according to The Sun.2

Pictured: Korbin Edwards; Photo credit: Caters News Agency
Cops questioned Rose’s story, which completely unraveled after Korbin was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with third-degree burns from the waist down.

“He told me it was diaper rash but told the police he thought Korbin must have fallen into the bath,” DJ said. “We believe Daniel got mad because Korbin had soiled his pants and in anger Daniel had put him into the hot water.”

She recalled, “I was really scared when I first saw his skin. It was bright red and white from where it was peeling off, large chunks of skin were missing.” She continued, “I found out he had third-degree burns across half of his belly, all of his waist, his genitals, butt and most of his legs.”

Korbin’s stomach and bowels were severely damaged by the hot water and he needed to use a nasogastric tube and an IV for several weeks. Doctors feared that he would not walk again. The poor boy could not eat, drink, or go to the bathroom on his own, and he required a catheter as well.

Through what his mother and doctors have called a miracle, Korbin, who is now six, made a recovery and learned to walk again.2

Pictured: Korbin Edwards (Photo credit: Caters News Agency)
Through therapy, the boy is starting to recover emotionally, as well. “For a long time he didn’t want to go into the bathtub, he was in therapy for a couple of years and we’ve worked really hard with him,” his mother said. “Now he has no problem at all, other than going into the downstairs bathroom as that’s where the incident happened.” She added, “He had night terrors for such a long time, now he only has one or two a year opposed to every night before.”

Rose has since been sentenced to 12 years in prison after being convicted of first-degree assault. Prosecutors roasted Rose for trying to cover his tracks rather than calling for medical attention. “This young child will carry the physical and emotional scars of this awful crime for the rest of his life,” said prosecutor Eric Zahnd.

It is uplifting to see a miracle recovery in progress. It is also good to know that Rose is behind bars for what he did to this innocent little boy. Fortunately, hope can rise out of heartbreaking situations, even one as horrifying as this.

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