Cop Goes to House to Shut down Party after Neighbor Complains. But Then He Sees the Kids out Back By HF – April 30, 201712 0

Police have to deal with noise complaints from time to time. Out of control parties are often seen as a consequence of young people hanging out in a community lacking better activities.

The San Antonio Police Department in Texas was no different when receiving a noise complaint April 22 from a neighbor. However, one police officer was not about to break up the gathering of young people.

Perhaps, the group’s music was too loud. However, their intentions for gathering spoke even louder to the officer who arrived on the scene.

It was not a crazy party making noise, but a dance crew called the NXG Dance Crew. The name, NXG standing for Next Generation, was inspired by the mission of the dance crew.

The group’s goal is to “inspire, motivate, encourage, and connect with the next generation of kids to help educate them about the culture of dance.” The police officer realized that the young kids and adults at this particular event were hosting a dance battle.

Instead of squashing their efforts to create a positive and fun event for the community, police Officer Juan Bruno joined in. The dance battle was centered on the theme of “clash of styles.”

Bruno’s next move certainly clashed with what the dancers were expecting. They were ready for him to shut down the event and maybe even get ticketed for the loud music.

Instead, Bruno requested the group to turn on salsa music. Bruno brought his own unique salsa dancing skills to the floor to the complete shock and delight of the group.

The police officer put himself in the crew’s shoes, figuratively, and approached the situation with understanding. He was not only understanding, but he ‘put on his dancing shoes’ and literally began to salsa dance!

The crew later presented Officer Bruno with a certificate of appreciation. Leslie Sapp’s daughter, Jaelie, not only participated in the dance crew’s event that evening, but danced with Bruno. Sapp posted the original video and then the presentation of the certificate.

She wrote, “Breaking down barriers & stereotypes. God is GREAT!” Thankfully, the officer realized that the crew has been encouraging people of all ages to attend dance classes, competitions, and battles, rather than getting involved in the really bad situations he often must handle as a police officer.

Apparently, the good cheer spread and inspired local KWEX to host Jaelie and Bruno on their show. Way to go NXG Dance Crew!

We look forward to seeing more moves and smiles. Does your community have a dance crew? Let us know!

-Stories like this need to be shared more often!
I love the way this cop responded…

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