After 4-Year-Old Boy Dies, Doctors Horrified To See What Was Inside Him

Tyranne Beckless (inset)
A Wisconsin community was thrust into chaos over the weekend as first responders rushed to the home of a 4-year-old boy who had died. Unfortunately, doctors would be left horrified to see what was still inside the boy that had ultimately caused his death — and now, two people are behind bars.

According to NBC TMJ 4, 4-year-old Tyranne Beckless went into the bedroom of his parent’s home on Milwaukee’s north side but would never come back out alive. As the boy’s great aunt, Lashonda Taylor, would explain, he went into the room, went to sleep in his home with his mother, father, one-year-old sister, and five-year-old brother on Friday night, and never woke up.

The next morning, the family slowly began to wake up when Tyranne’s older brother felt that the body next to him was “cold as ice,” and he immediately knew something was wrong. Before long, emergency personnel had flooded the home, but it was too late. Tyranne had passed away at some point during the night.

Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come as doctors sought to figure out why such a young boy would simply die in his sleep. As it turns out, the answer wasn’t quite so simple as even medical professionals would be left horrified to see what was inside the

Come to find out, Tyranne had drugs in his system, leaving the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office to rule his death a “probable opioid overdose.” Breitbart further reports, “It’s unclear whether [Tyranne] overdosed on prescription painkillers, heroin, or another type of opioid.”

At this point, several people have expressed their belief that the boy may have ingested the drug after someone had left it laying around. Further proving that this could be the case is the fact that two people have since been arrested in connection with Tyranne’s death, presumably his parents.

Currently, the Medical Examiner’s office is waiting for a toxicology report to verify their initial findings, but Tyranne’s death helped shine a light on a very real epidemic here in America that seems to be flying under the radar. In all, Tyranne’s tragic passing would mark the seventh death of a child under the age of five from an overdose of opioids in Milwaukee over just the past 19 months.

Despite the known dangers and countless warnings, drugs continue to show just how much of a grip they have on our nation’s citizens. With over 30,000 Americans dead in 2015 from opioid overdose and that number on the rise, the fact that children are now dying should have people seriously concerned.

When parents have children, they essentially sign off – or at least, they should – from doing certain things for not only their own benefit but that of their children as well. Unfortunately, the two adults, in this case, were so selfish that they couldn’t do what was best for their kids, and now one of their children is dead.

Furthermore, their other children are likely in the custody of Child Protective Services and headed to foster care as there is no one to care for them. Drugs, along with the careless decisions of these parents, effectively tore apart a family, killing someone in the process.

At the end of the day, we’re all responsible for our own actions. However, when the things you do can impact the lives of others, it’s especially imperative to think twice before acting. Really, what these two could have done to prevent such a tragedy is rather simple – just stay away from the junk.

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