Sensing They Are In Danger, 3 Smart Children Wait Until They Get To School To Reveal What Dad Did To Mom After Church

A Missouri father is facing very serious charges after his children informed a teacher that they thought their dad had killed their mom.

According to FOX 4, authorities were sent to an Independence school on Monday, right after students had told their teachers that they were certain their father had killed their mother, Yadira Gomez.

Court documents show that one of Gomez’s children, who is 9 years old, revealed that police that his mother and father had started arguing immediately after church on Sunday.

According to the young boy, it didn’t take long before the couple’s bickering turned into a full-blown physical altercation.

The boy and his siblings then decided to go downstairs, where they heard their father, 46-year-old Vicente Roldan-Marron, yelling “why did I do that, and it was really dumb.”

According to court records, that’s when the children finally went back upstairs and saw their mother lying on the floor, lifeless and covered in blood.

Likely knowing that they may have been in danger, the children decided not to confront their father about seeing their mother’s body.

Instead, the quick-thinking children, ages 6, 8, and 9, said absolutely nothing about the murder.

On Monday morning, the children woke up their father and asked him to take them to school, where all three of them attended Independence Elementary.

That was when they finally felt safe enough to tell their teachers what they had seen at home.

Authorities later paid a visit to Roldan-Marron’s home, where they found the body of Gomez. Her husband had apparently stabbed her with a giant butcher knife.

Roldan-Marron reportedly told the investigators that he had been drinking and taking pills the night he killed his wife and remembered nothing because he allegedly “blacked out.”

He also said that any wounds on his own body were self-inflicted.

Roldan-Marron has since been arrested and charged with armed criminal action and first degree murder.

Prosecutors have since requested that Roldan-Marron’s bond be set at $500,000 cash, according to FOX 4.

Once the Independence Police Department shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook, several people in the community revealed how shocked they were by the loss of such a wonderful mother.

“Thank you IPD for getting him! I knew the victim. I pray for healing for her family, friends, and all those affected,” one woman commented.

“I feel bad for the children and the moms family, I saw them at school and in the neighborhood. Praying for them,” another commented.

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