Cops Pull Her Car Over, Then Mom Says ‘It’s Between The Tags And Groceries’

Naomi Norelli has been through a lot. The single mother was diagnosed with cancer during her second pregnancy. After overcoming the condition, she moved to Denver for a new job.

Right after she arrived, the job fell through. The Colorado mother was able to get a new job, but then her newly purchased car died. Though she realized the dealer had duped her, she still needed to pay $400 for new registration tags. However, she just couldn’t afford them.

“Trying to cover rent, child care, food, groceries, the whole nine yards on one budget is really hard,” Naomi said.

She was driving to work one day when a police officer pulled her over for the expired tags. Then she explained why they were so old.

“The police officer asked why my tags were so far expired. I explained, ‘Well, it’s between the tag and the groceries, essentially.’ I am a single parent with two kids under the age of 5 and just trying to make those ends meet with the kids is really challenging,” the mom said.

Naomi understood why the officer wrote her a ticket, though she still couldn’t help but be heartbroken over the new bill.

“Got to work, was pretty much in tears about the ticket,” she said.

That’s when two officers showed up at her office with bags of groceries. Grateful for the surprise, she sent the officers a thank-you note with the help of her coworkers.

Then she got a call from the police chief, who said he’d seen the note and wanted to help. An anonymous donor paid for her ticket, and then the officers got her more groceries, a Starbucks gift card, and a toy for her son.

“I was totally and completely stunned,” Naomi said.

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Days After Terrorist Kill Navy Seal, Trump Does One Bold Thing Obama Avoided

Trump does one bold thing after Navy SEAL is killed
I think we can all agree that President Donald Trump handles his powerful position much differently than his predecessor, Barack Obama. In fact, days after the first Navy SEAL was killed under Trump’s command, he did one bold thing that Obama would have avoided — and the media can’t stop talking about it.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump ordered a special operations action in Yemen. Unfortunately, several people were killed during the operation, including Chief Petty Officer William Ryan Owens. Although many top officials have since paid their respects to the fallen SEAL, it’s what Donald Trump chose to do days later that has people now talking.

Owens was a part of a SEAL team carrying out a raid against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Although he was killed in action by several Terrorist extremists, the raid resulted in the deaths of 14 members of the terrorist group, including three senior leaders, and the recovery of intelligence data that will prove useful in avoiding future attacks and loss of life.

Being the first American servicemen casualty since Donald Trump became our Commander-in-Chief, William Ryan Owens’ death is undoubtedly resting heavily on Trump’s heart and mind. Regardless of how uncomfortable he knew it was going to be, he also understood that what he did next was important. Solely out of respect to the fallen SEAL, he called his family to offer his condolences.

Not only did Trump have “a very somber and lengthy conversation with the family,” but he offered “his sincerest condolences to Officer Owens’ wife, his father, and their three children,” according to Right Wing News. As we’ve heard many times over the past eight years, Barack Obama often skipped these important phone calls. Thankfully, Trump is far more respectful of our military.

It’s refreshing to hear that we have a president who honors the sacrifices our military men and women make on a daily basis. It is because of brave men like William Ryan Owens that we Americans can continue to live our lives in safety. One thing is for certain, our heroes in the military are undoubtedly grateful to finally know what it feels like to have respect from their Commander-in-Chief, and their sacrifices will no longer be forgotten.

I think we can all agree that President Donald Trump handles his powerful position much differently than his predecessor, Barack Obama. In fact, days after the first Navy SEAL was killed under Trump’s command, he did one bold thing that Obama would have avoided — and the media can’t stop talking about it.

Police Blamed When Thugs Die Stealing Car, Cops’ Reaction Is Priceless

Things didn’t exactly go according to plan for a few young brats who decided to steal a car. They died while running from police officers, but their families have come forward with quite the ridiculous response. Unfortunately for them, the officers weren’t about to take things lying down – and their reaction is priceless.

It all started when Laniya Miller, 15, Ashaunti Butler, 15, and Dominique Battle, 16, asked a 36-year-old man for a ride. Although he obliged, he stopped at a local Walmart in St. Petersburg, Florida to pick up a few things before dropping the girls off where they wanted to go.

Unfortunately for him, he left the car running, which would eventually result in the girls taking the gray Honda Accord for a little joyride. Soon enough, the car was reported stolen, and police officers from the Pinellas Sheriff’s Office spotted the group of girls driving it down the road shortly thereafter.
Officers would eventually locate the car, but they were not allowed to pursue, more than likely so that they don’t create a hectic and potentially violent situation. Police cruisers continued to follow the car from a safe distance, but things would quickly dissolve into chaos.

According to reports, the girls drove down a dead-end road with a sharp bend at the end. Rather than slow down to make the turn, the car continued forward and drove into a pond before submerging 15 feet underwater.

Police on the scene contemplated a rescue attempt, but because of the muddy conditions, they decided against putting additional people at risk. As a result, the three girls inside the car died, and now their families are crying foul.

According to the outraged relatives, police are responsible for the girls’ deaths as they didn’t do enough to save them after crashing the stolen vehicle. In fact, they’ve also pointed out a portion of the dash cam that has since been released, hoping to demonstrate what they perceive as neglect by the officers.

According to Tampa Bay Times, as police officers contemplated putting their lives in danger, they could be heard on video saying:

“It’s going all the way down. It’s almost fully submerged,” one deputy says. “I hear them yelling, I think!”

“They’re done. They’re done. They are sig 7, dude.”

(“Sig 7” refers to signal 7, a radio code for “dead person.”)

“Did you hear yelling? I thought I heard yelling as it was going down,” a deputy said.
Unfortunately for the entitled families that think officers were required to save their criminal children, the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t exactly feel the same. It wasn’t long before Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri would post to Facebook with quite the priceless response.

Along with posting a video showing officers who had not only taken off portions of their uniform, but attempted to go in the water as well, the sheriff also said:

“It’s a bunch of junk,” the sheriff said Friday of the allegations. “Those deputies went in that water and tried to save those girls at their own peril.”

The Sheriff’s investigative reports indicate that deputies tried to reach the car. Deputy Jeff Clement wrote in his report: “Myself and other deputies began to enter the swampy water… the fact that the vehicle was still moving, along with the unstable ground and excessive water vegetation, made a rescue too risky for those involved.”
The fact of the matter here is that the families of these criminals expected officers to save these thugs who wouldn’t have needed saving in the first place if they didn’t steal a car. Maybe if they were taught right and wrong at home, or at least that stealing is bad, they wouldn’t have even been in this situation at all. Thug life comes with a price.

This Violent Punk Curses At A Judge … So The Judge Changed His Sentence

Instead of showing remorse for violently and repeatedly raping a woman during a standoff with police i he said “he didn’t need to listen to this sh..” to the judge. This judge wasn’t going to put up with his nonsense and changed his sentence to 270 years in prison.

Afterward the family freaked out and starting cursing at everyone including the members of the news media. Instead they should be angry at themselves for failing to install any kind of morals into this punk.
Grogan sat uncomfortably in his chair while the judge summarized his convictions, calling Grogan an “animal.” At the end of his sentencing, Grogan stood up and, annoyed, said that he “didn’t have to listen to this s***.”

The judge, Alford Dempsey, promptly had the attending police officers sit Grogan back down, and amended his sentencing.
“You don’t want to hear it, but you’re going to hear it and I don’t give a rat’s behind whether you like it or not,” said Judge Dempsey.

Grogan’s sentence was amended to include 7 consecutive life sentences and 270 years behind bars, something that his family members and supporters weren’t happy with.
Those family members chased away members of the media and cameramen after they found out Grogan’s sentence had been lengthened.

Grogan was arrested for holding hostages in an apartment complex and having a standoff with police and SWAT team members, while he repeatedly raped a woman inside the apartment building.
Judge Dempsey, thank you for your service.

5-Yr-Old Stuns Entire Police Station When He Walks In With Unexpected Sign Around His Neck.

We have shared some incredible stories with you before about cops saving lives, like the time a cop saved a woman trapped in a burning car. We’re grateful for heroic acts like these, but its no secret cops have also been in hot water recently.

On September 20, 2016, a man named Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by a police officer. The shooting sparked both peaceful protest and violent riots in Charlotte, North Carolina over 2 nights. Multiple police officers and civilians were injured in the unrest.

5-year-old Jayden was listening to the radio in the car with his mom, Deanna Hooker, when he heard about the wounded officers. In the midst of violence and confusion, he responded with love.

Just like the 1st grader who wrote a heartwarming “thank you” note to his local police department, young Jayden decided he’d extend some kindness to the Charlotte cops. Mom Deanna tells his story in the Facebook post below:

I wanted to share a little story and shed some love and light on a very tough time for us in Charlotte, NC. Our streets are at war with protests and division has led to destruction and violence in our city.
My son heard helicopters and sirens all night and woke up crying. We decided to send him to school the next day to offer normalcy in a tough time for our city. On the way he heard about police getting injured from protests on the radio. He asked me if he could bring the police donuts and give them hugs for all they do.

It is amazing how much children can teach us during times like this.

I respected his wishes and took him to the Charlotte PD where he gave out hugs and donuts and told every officer he appreciated all they do to keep us safe. This is love in its purest form and what our world needs right now.

As Deanna said, we can all learn from the love of a child.
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Mom Asks 911 For Permission To Shoot Intruder – Actual Call

Oklahoma media have the compelling story of a shotgun-toting 18-year-old mother who killed an intruder on New Year’s Eve after a 911 operator told her, “Do what you have to do to protect your baby.”

NBC affiliate KFOR-TV has video of its interview with Sarah McKinley, who was alone with her 3-month-old son in their Blanchard home, MSNBC says. McKinley says two men — one of whom she had met previously — appeared at her door Saturday night and then tried to break in. Two days earlier, she had buried her husband, who died of cancer on Christmas Day.

One man — identified as 24-year-old Justin Martin — had come by Thursday to express condolences. But Saturday, armed with a foot-long hunting knife, he and his partner attempted to break down McKinley’s door. She blocked it with her couch, grabbed her baby and fetched a 12-gauge shotgun and a handgun before calling 911.

McKinley said she asked the dispatcher, “I’ve got two guns in my hand — is it OK to shoot him if he comes in this door? I’m here by myself with my infant baby, can I please get a dispatcher out here immediately?”

“I can’t tell you that you can do that but you do what you have to do to protect your baby,” the dispatcher said.

The 911 conversation lasted for 21 minutes. Then the door gave in.

“I waited till he got in the door. They said I couldn’t shoot him until he was inside the house. So I waited until he got in the door and then I shot him,” McKinley told KFOR.

Martin, who charged McKinley with his knife, was hit in the “upper torso,” police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His cohort, Dustin Louis Stewart, 29, fled but later surrendered to authorities.

Blanchard police say McKinley acted in self-defense.

“Oklahoma laws are clear on home defense. I think they’re clear to most individuals that you can defend yourself in your home,” said Detective Supervisor Dan Huff.

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Woman Approaches Parked Cop & Makes Demands, Then He Sees Behind Her

While on her way to work an early morning shift, an African-American woman saw a cop parked off on the side of the road and decided to approach him. When she got close enough, she cracked her window. That’s when the stunned copped looked over her shoulder and immediately noticed what else was there.

The Georgia State Trooper wasn’t looking for any action when it came to him. He was cleaning the windows of his patrol car while awaiting his next call when he was approached by Kendra Powell who seemed overly interested in what he was doing. She was insistent on getting his attention as she pulled up alongside him “at a snail’s pace,” and he reluctantly came around the side of his car to where she was, despite heightened tensions with all of the recent cop killings.

Powell said that she noticed his trunk was open and thought it was odd, so she felt compelled to stop and see if he was okay. She was surprised to see that the white cop was all alone, but even more taken aback with what he did after she demanded several times to know if all was well with him at that moment, considering the negative cop coverage and attacks she’s seen on the news.

“I said good morning and asked if he was okay and needed help,” Powell wrote in a post on social media. “He smiled a brilliant smile and replied no ma’am that he was cleaning his windows. He showed the bottle and towels to me and I told him he had the good stuff.”

The unnamed officer then looked behind her and her smudged car windows and asked if he could clean them for her while he was at it. After first refusing his offer, he insisted and started cleaning. She said it was the highlight of her day knowing that he didn’t have to do this, but he wanted to do it. Then, another car pulled over with a question for the cop.
“Every passerby had a stunned expression on their faces,” Powell said as they were along a busy road and people couldn’t believe what this white cop was doing for a black woman for no reason other than to be kind. An elderly couple stopped behind Powell and the officer so he could clean their windows as well. Without hesitation, the cop cleaned theirs too, and when the woman offered to pay him, he said he wanted something else instead.

The cop didn’t want any cash for his good deed, he asked for prayers for protection, which Powell and the elderly couple were quick to oblige. Everyone got out of their cars and came together, holding hands to pray for this man’s safety. “White hands, black hands, officer hands, young hands, and old hands…gave glory like never before,” Powell wrote of the incredible moment.

The moment made Powell late for work, but she didn’t mind since this instance changed the course of her day and provided her with the much-needed hope that there are good people in this very troubled world. This cop didn’t see her skin color, he saw her dirty windows and cleaned them for her when he didn’t have to. He didn’t pull his gun out when she approached him, he reached his hands out and held hers, accepting her prayer for him after he served her.

h/t: [LoveWhatMatters]