VIDEO: Punks Disrespect the American Flag… Until Two US Marines Show Up

I’ve always thought petty college Marxists burning the flag was a bit self-defeating.

I mean, there’s something a bit hypocritical about burning the flag of a nation that not only defends your right to do it, but where young men and women will volunteer to possibly die for your right to do it

Of course, those who volunteer to defend this country are significantly less impressed with the collegiate Marxists that tend to commit such acts than the American judicial system is.

They also tend to exercise their right to free speech more freely, just like these two veterans did.

The video begins with a protester on a Vespa (note to future liberal protesters: when trying to convey an image of strength and the all-American tradition of free speech, please consider a vehicle other than a Vespa) riding in circles in traffic with an upside-down American flag hanging off of the back of his scooter. [H/T TPNN.]

Off camera, two men who are apparently veterans of the Marines notice the man circling and start running after the scooter.

The man on the scooter drops the flag (increasing the getaway speed by at least two miles per hour), after which it’s picked up by one of the veterans and turned the right way around.

The second veteran is seen running after the Vespa, moving at what I can only assume is full throttle. The Vespa won, but barely.

Warning: Video contains language not suitable for work or children.

After they took the flag, another hirsute protester in a fluorescent hard-hat (no, I have no idea, either) came up to them apparently to argue.

While mostly inaudible, one can hear one of the marines going, “We served our f****** country, and that’s bulls***!” Good for them.

The American flag stands not just for our country, and not just for the ideas espoused in the American Constitution.

It stands for men and women who have served and died on battlefields with hallowed names like Bunker Hill, Antietam, Gallipoli, Normandy, and Fallujah.

The flag is not an accessory for you to display as you exhibit epicene angst against what is, I can only assume, the country of your birth.

Men and women better than you or I have died, and continue to die, for the principles that flag stands for. Pay it respect.

Good Samaritans Stop to Help Trooper Beau Ryun Fighting With Man On Side of Interstate

Charles Barney And 74-Year-Old Woman Save Trooper beau Ryun

Lafayette County, MO – Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper Beau Ryun was fighting with a suspect on Tuesday, when a good Samaritans stopped to help him.

According to Fox4KC, the incident occurred about 11:00 AM along eastbound Interstate 70 near Higginsville. Trooper Beau Ryun had stopped a vehicle for a lane violation which was driven by Jonathan Timmons, age 22, of New York. He said that Timmons was “overly nervous” and that he smelled “the odor of marijuana” when he approached the vehicle.

The Trooper said he asked Timmons to step out of the vehicle and walk to his patrol car. He said that he did a patdown search of Timmons to see if he had any weapons, and found a pair of scissors concealed in his waistband, according to KHSB. He was going to place him in handcuffs when Timmons lunged at him and started fighting him.

Trooper Beau Ryun said that he and Timmons “began fighting on the side of the interstate.” He said that his radio stopped working during the struggle and that he was unable to contact dispatchers at Highway Patrol headquarters in Lee’s Summit to ask for help. Charles Barney was driving by, on his way to a funeral with his girlfriend, and saw the struggle on the side of the Interstate.

Barney said that he saw blue lights on the side of the road and that his girlfriend told him that “there was an officer fighting with a guy on the ground.” He said “That guy was just fighting and screaming, fighting and screaming, he just kept resisting, kept resisting, kept resisting.” Barney said that he decided to stop and see if he could help. A woman known only as Sandra, 74, stopped to help as well.

Barney said that he “noticed the cops arms were just shaking, so he needed to call for backup, so I got on the mic, and told them I was helping this officer, he needed help ASAP.”

He said that he went up to the Trooper, told him that he was a pedestrian, and asked him if he needed help. He said that Trooper Beau Ryun told him “yes please, I need my handcuffs.” Barney said that he did what he could. Barney said that he found Trooper Ryun’s handcuffs on the ground and was able to help the Trooper get one of Timmons’ arms in handcuffs. It was then that Timmons began fighting even harder.

Barney said that he “locked his legs in with my legs,” and “finally grabbed his arm and bent it back over his head, and I told him, I said man, if you don`t stop, I`ll break it.” He also said that Trooper Ryun told him that Timmons was reaching for his (the Trooper’s) gun.

Trooper Beau Ryun and Barney were able to get Timmons handcuffed as other Officers began to arrive.

Trooper Beau Ryun later said that Higginsville Police and the Lafayette County Sheriffs Department received several 911 calls reporting the fight. He said that “One of the best feelings of my life was seeing them showing up to help me.” He said that he was hoping that someone who drove by would call 911.” Trooper Ryun also said that he was “just extremely grateful for them stopping, and all the people that called and reported the altercation because you were my lifeline to Troop A.”

Timmons has been charged with Second Degree Assault, Attempt to Disarm a Law Enforcement Officer, Third Degree Assault, Felony Resisting, Possession of Up to 35 grams of Marijuana, and Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia. He is being held at the Lafayette County Jail.

Trooper Beau Ryun said that he plans to submit the names of Barney and Sandra to his Captain for Honorary Trooper awards. He was not injured during the struggle. Sandra received minor injuries during the struggle. No other details were released about Sandra.

Charles Barney went above and beyond to assist the Trooper, using his radio to call for help, and then physically assisting him with the arrest. And a 74-year-old woman stopping to help, and getting in the fight as well? Both deserve to be honored.

Police Release Evidence: Black U. Of Albany Students Faked Hate Crime That Received National Headlines To Cover Up Assault They Committed

Three twenty year old students from the University of Albany found themselves the victims of yet another racially motivated hate-crime.

Alexis Briggs, Ariel Agudio, and Asha Burwell claimed that they were on a bus around 1AM when they were attacked by more than a dozen white “folks” who called racial slurs at the trio. One of the victims even claimed that she was repeatedly kicked while she was down. The three were able to escape the hate-filled bus at a stop, and two of the individuals sought medical attention.

Immediately, Black Lives Matter and activist groups emerged to hold rallies, and protest the hate-crime that took place on the bus that night. The community was outraged, and rightly so.

It is terrible that racist scenes like this are happening to American college students. Is there nowhere in the country that black students can be educated with their safety ensured? Must they always be the victims of evil white “folks?”

As it turns out security camera footage revealed that the trio of women on the bus had fabricated their story.

Alexis Briggs, Ariel Agudio, and Asha Burwell were not able to just apologize for lying, and move on, however, because it appears that an altercation did happen on the bus.

Surveillance video from the bus has been investigated, cell phone footage has been examined, and eye-witnesses have been interviewed to reveal that the trio of women may have been the instigators of the fight that broke out. Not only that, but the audio captured seems to indicate that one of the three women was shouting racial slurs herself.

The three women’s charges include falsely reporting an incident, attempted assault, and attempted criminal mischief.

An image of the scene in which the three “victims” claim to have been assaulted by a dozen racist-white “folks” can be seen below. It’s easy to see, just based on the expressions on their faces, how terrified the three women are, and how bad racism has gotten in the country.


Man Who Is Fed Up With Theives Stealing His Packages, Gets The Perfect Revenge [video]

In this day and age, we all order things online. From clothes to groceries, there is pretty much nothing that can’t be delivered to your front door step. The downside is that packages that arrive when we are not home can become prime targets for crimes of opportunity. Few things are more tempting to lowlifes than packages sitting unattended in front of a house.

Well, we just found a Utah man who discovered that he was the victim of theft even more frequently than he could have imagined. After setting up a surveillance camera on his front porch, he was shocked to discover that he was a victim of crime at least once a week. You are going to love how he took action when you watch this video.

Randy Dark was fed up with people taking packages off the porch of his Salt Lake City home and decided to get back at the crooks. Now, not only is he catching them red handed on camera, but for weeks he has been pranking the bad guys as well.

Speaking with KSTU-TV news, Randy said “I want to see how often is this happening where I live, and it turns out it happens all the time. I put these cameras up thinking I’m going to have the odd chance catching someone doing something bad, I didn’t realize I would catch someone doing something bad every single week. I was mainly surprised it happened to me because I didn’t feel like my neighborhood was that kind of place.”

Since installing the cameras and discovering exactly how common his problem was, he has stopped having packages delivered to his home altogether. But that has not stopped him from tempting the crooks with bait boxes.

“Every time it’s a new person,” Dark said. “Sometimes two of these events would happen a day. I had left them a note that said, ‘Hey, I caught you on camera, don’t come back.’”

As well as the notes, he has also left the thieves a treat of sorts.

“A package of gummy bears that are sugar-free for diabetics, pretty extreme upset stomach if you eat too much of them,” Dark said. “Not a whole lot of satisfaction in that because you don’t know if they ate them. They might have just chucked them.”

Local police do not recommend such tactics as they may open a homeowner up to retaliation from criminals.

Speaking with KSTU-TV news, Detective Cody Lougy of the Salt Lake City Police Department says “I wouldn’t encourage it because these guys know where you live, I wouldn’t encourage it.”

Lougy recommends instead, turning surveillance video over to authorities to help them identify perps.

Always wanted say the word “perp.”

For his part though, Dark says “That’s why I’m just putting notes in and why I won’t do the gummy bears again, because I don’t really want them to come back.”

He is also planning to install additional cameras positioned to capture license plate numbers as well. Hopefully that information will further assist law enforcement in catching these criminals.

Have you ever had a package stolen from your front porch? Did they catch the thief? Share your stories with us here.

Thug Pulls Gun on Vietnam Veteran, But LOOK Who’s Quicker on the Draw

A 70-year-old Vietnam veteran from St. Louis was dropping his friend off in Venice, Illinois, on Thursday morning, when two men pulled up beside him asking for directions.
However, their true motives soon became clear when they pulled a gun and tried to rob him. The veteran, though, was carrying a concealed weapon licensed by the state of Missouri… and he was quicker on the draw.

Instead of allowing himself to fall victim to the criminal intentions of two violent thugs, the veteran fatally shot 19-year-old Billy Dickerson in the head, and wounded his buddy 23-year-old Perry Richardson with bullets to the arm and chest.

Madison County (Illinois) State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons told KDSK-TV:
“He feared for his own life. He feared for the life of his friend and just took decisive action in that moment.”
He added that the shooter’s actions were justified:

“The courts have consistently recognized the right of a law-abiding citizen to carry a concealed weapon for the purpose of self-defense. This incident yesterday morning is the exact situation where the necessity for this right becomes crystal clear.”

It looks like the veteran did the people of the midwest a huge favor, as both suspects were wanted for multiple violent crimes across Illinois and Missouri. Had they not been taken down, they surely would have gone on to victimize others.
Not only is Richardson licking his wounds, he’s also been charged with first-degree murder for his friend’s death. “If you’re engaged in a forceable felony and someone — no matter who — dies during the course of your crime, you are accountable for murder,” said Gibbons.
This veteran fought hard for his rights, including those contained in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. Luckily, he was exercising those rights when he came across the two would-be robbers who likely thought he’d be an easy target. Otherwise, this story could have ended much differently.

Cop Hears Woman Ask Odd Question, Reacts Quickly When He Sees What’s Behind Her

An Ohio police officer’s act of kindness toward a homeless mother and her children went viral.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office posted about Deputy Brian Bussell’s kind act in a Facebook post.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones is very proud of one of his own for helping a homeless family. Deputy Brian Bussell, a 25 year veteran with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, noticed something was not quite right when he entered the jail lobby Sunday morning.

“I know our visitation is at 9 AM, and I saw the lady and the two young children sitting in the chairs,” Deputy Bussell said. “I assumed they were here to visit someone in our jail. When I walked back out a while later, the children were asleep, and the lady was still sitting there, so I inquired if she needed assistance.”

The lady had been evicted from her home in Oxford, Ohio where the children attend school. She stated she is in the waiting process for assistance with housing and should know something by Wednesday. Deputy Bussell, with the assistance of Dispatch Supervisor Miranda Sheppard, tried several shelters and other avenues to get them a place to stay. “Most of the shelters were overcrowded or there was a time requirement to be there and we were past that,” Deputy Bussell said. So he contacted a hotel in Oxford and booked a hotel for 10 days out of his own pocket.

Deputy Bussell took the family to the Walmart in Oxford. He told them to pick out clothes and to call him when they were ready to check out. The little boys asked if they could get shoes, and Deputy Bussell told them they absolutely could.

“He went to the Walmart when they were done and paid for everything,” Sheriff Jones said. “This is a true act of kindness. He did not tell anyone at work what he had done but the lady took a picture with him and posted it on Facebook. That’s actually how we found out. It was shared so many times that I got a phone call asking if I knew what a generous gesture my deputy did. I am pleased that he was able to help this family out. This speaks volumes in light of all the recent negativity people are saying about law enforcement. I have some of the best employees here.”

Bussell’s Sheriff, Richard Jones, praised his deputy for the selfless act.

“This speaks volumes in light of all the recent negativity people are saying about law enforcement,” he told WSB-TV. “I have some of the best employees here.”

U.S. Soldier Severely Beaten By 10+ Men For Wearing Army Jacke

U.S. Soldier Severely Beaten By 10+ Men For Wearing Army Jacket

Austin Freni, 19, was gifted a plane ticket to fly home to New Jersey from Fort Benning Army base in Georgia. A kind stranger donated money after noticing his mother’s GoFundMe page to help him get home.

While attending the annual Mummers Parade – a colorful folk festival – in Philadelphia on Sunday, a group of men made “derogatory comments” about his jacket, his mother told Fox 29. At the time, he, his mother and his girlfriend were walking through Philadelphia after the parade when he one of the men hit Austin. The other 10-15 men then jumped in and began attacking him.

“Me and his girlfriend tried pulling them off and they hit us,” she said. “We got hit in the face. She got thrown in the street.”

Austin is now in Jefferson University Hospital, where he faces a long recovery ahead.

“He’s got to get plates put in his jaw and his mouth will be wired shut for the next eight weeks,” his mother said.

“He’s such a good kid, he did not deserve this,” she added.

His father died two years earlier and his mother, Lori, had recently lost her job due to instability and health issues which left her with trouble paying for his trip home.

“They lost their Dad to brain cancer to years ago. It’s been kind of rough since daddy died and Austin just from day one stepped right in and he’s helped. I lost my job due to disability, my health issues a couple weeks ago and for the last two months he just been sending every single paycheck that he’s made straight to his siblings and he’s gotten us by,” she told Fox 29.

Lori was prepared to sell her things to raise the money but instead made a GoFundMe page.

Jennifer Richardson noticed the page and bought the ticket for them outright.

“My brother was in the Marines, and I watched my mother during the holidays not know if he was coming home so, this is personal to me,” Jennifer said.

Austin was due to fly out to the Middle East within the next two months.

Cops Heard The Rumors, Their Worst Nightmares Are Realized When They See Their Kid’s Arms

One Washington state mother wanted her children to fall asleep. So instead of teaching them the 4-7-8 method or boiling them some banana tea, she injected her three children with heroin because it worked faster. And she felt no regret about doing it.

24-year-old Ashlee Hutt and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Leeroy “Mac” McIver were in charge of raising three children ages 6, 4, and 2. But instead of doing their best, they injected them with heroin on multiple occasions because it was the easiest way to shut them up for the night.

When the police learned the shocking truth, they admitted it was one of the worst cases of child abuse they’ve ever come across. And now Hutt and her boyfriend are awaiting trial for their crimes…
“Some of the statements they made were very disturbing about how they would get sleeping juice to go to sleep and it was injected to them by needle,” Detective Ed Troyer told KIRO.

When the police finally confronted the family about their drug abuse, the 6-year-old told them with a straight face that their mom would often give them “feel good medicine” to help them fall asleep and calm down.

Authorities were baffled. They asked the boy to describe this “medicine.” He said it was a white powder that his mom mixed with water. She heated it up on a metal spoon and then injected it into him and his siblings with the family syringe.

The boy said that Hutt and McIver used a needle to “inject the ‘feel good medicine’ into him and his sisters.” It wouldn’t take long before they felt euphoric and fell asleep. He doesn’t know where his mom and her boyfriend went after they had been drugged.

Child Protective Services became involved with the police and immediately noticed strange markings and bruises on the children’s limbs. The 2-year-old girl had red marks and bruises that suggested she had often been injected with a needle. CPS had never seen anything like it before…

One time, the 6-year-old said, he was forced to take the powdered drug after McIver chocked him one time. He was a “bad boy” and needed to “go to sleep”.

Hutt and McIver have been charged with three counts of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance to a minor, second-degree criminal mistreatment, and second-degree child assault. These charges seem much too lenient given the fact that these young couple injected the children with heroin, a highly addictive and dangerous substance that could cause them to become addicted later in life.

Hutt’s children have been taken away from her. They are now in the foster care system.

Both Hutt and McIver pleaded not-guilty to the charges. They are being held on $100,000 bonds and are still rotting behind bars.

According to Detective Troyer, the children are “doing well” in their new homes.

Heroin ruins lives. When parents abuse the drug around their children, which has been happening a lot in Ohio recently and other parts of the country – children lose their parents. They are so high they can’t function. And these children are forced to watch their parents lose themselves. It is torture.

How should Ashlee Hutt and her boyfriend be punished?

Anti-Trump PrPotesters Block Ambulance Carrying “Critically Ill” Patient, WATCH What Happens Next

Protesters decrying President Donald Trump’s immigration policies on Saturday in New Haven, Connecticut, prevented an ambulance carrying a “critically ill” patient from getting to Yale-New Haven hospital in time to receive treatment.
The protesters “obstructed an ambulance carrying a critically ill patient,” the state police report read. “Due to this delay, ambulance personnel were required to perform an emergency medical procedure in the ambulance instead of at the hospital.”

According to LifeZette, one protester in particular who stood in the ambulance’s path refused to move when asked by police to do so. “The officers tried to guide him out of the way. He pushed an officer trying to get back,” said Shift Commander Lt. Sam Brown.
It is unknown whether the patient survived having to undergo the procedure in the ambulance, or what condition they are in now. Police did arrest at least three protesters at the scene, including organizer Norman Clement, who incurred several charges, including inciting a riot and disorderly conduct

20-Year Veteran Female Cop Fired After Man Whines About What’s In Her Yard

20-Year Veteran Female Cop Fired After Man Whines About What’s In Her Yard
Sergeant Silvia Cotriss was recently fired after a man complained about what he saw in her front yard.
A Georgia police officer, who has spent 20 years serving on the force, showed up to work last month only to be greeted by detectives. Shocked to find that she was the one being investigated, the department told her that what a man saw in her yard is so offensive that she’s been officially stripped of her badge.

Sergeant Silvia Cotriss, a 20-year veteran officer, was devoted to her position on the Roswell Police Department — that is, until she made the unforgivable sin of offending a citizen’s feelings. In an incredibly brash decision by the Roswell PD, Cotriss was recently fired for displaying a Confederate battle flag in her front yard in Woodstock, not because it was a city code violation but because a grown man was upset over seeing it within his range of vision.

MSN reports that Cotriss had flown the Confederate flag below her American flag in front of her home for 2 years before one man’s complaint to the department resulted in her termination.

On July 11, an unnamed man living nearby reportedly saw the flag waving in Cotriss’ yard as he was dropping his son and daughter off at a local preschool. He then took his offense to Eagle Nest Church, where Pastor Lee Jenkins brought it to the attention of the department. It was his complaint that immediately landed Cotriss in a controversial investigation before she even knew she had done anything wrong.

When she arrived at work, detectives approached her and told her that there was an issue with the flag on her private property. As soon as investigators informed her of the complaint, she took down the flag and explained that she didn’t mean to offend anyone. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough. Police Captain Helen Dunkin told her on July 14 that she was fired because she “engaged in conduct that was unbecoming, which brought discredit to the Roswell Police Department,” according to the NY Daily News.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/flag28n-2-web.jpg

“If I knew it offended someone, my friends, my family, I wouldn’t do it,” Cotriss said in an interview. “Police officers have to adjust a lot of things in our lives, and for 20 years my whole life has been about making change and being held to a higher standard. We take an oath to help and protect people, so we can’t have a private life that’s really bad.”
Cotriss alleges that she had no idea the flag was so controversial, as she explained that she makes a conscious effort to stay away from the news since her job is already so stressful. “Cops don’t watch the news because we live it in the day and don’t want to see it again at night,” Cotriss explained, adding that she can’t understand why the flag is such a major concern, reiterating that it is “part of her history, part of the South, part of history involving the Civil War.”

Pastor Jenkins conveniently cited the admiration for the Confederate flag held by Dylan Roof, a 22-year-old killer on death row for shooting 9 black worshipers at a South Carolina church. Of course, Jenkins has a problem with a lone deranged murderer, who had a fondness for an inanimate object during the time surrounding his killing spree, but remains oddly silent in the face of Islamic terrorists, who cite the countless violent commands in the Quran to justify their slaughter of unbelievers.

Ignorant armchair activists like Jenkins prove just how ridiculous the left is as they focus on banning items they find “offensive” rather than pointing out that the motive in 100 percent of Islamic terror crimes is any of the 109 verses that command brutality and their own prophet Muhammad’s savage modeling.

We can also assume that while Jenkins worries about perceived racism inherent in a dyed piece of fabric, he doesn’t feel the need to condemn the Muslims who still own 14 million black slaves in Islamic countries today. Perhaps if he and other black activists would care more about the actual plight of blacks suffering from racism, slavery, and brutality under Sharia, they wouldn’t have so much time to feel disgruntled over a flag in the freest nation on earth.