Mom Who Nearly Starved Her Baby To Death With Kool-Aid Is Finally Taking Responsibility

An Idaho mom has finally decided to plead guilty in the near-starvation of her baby girl, who was premature.

According to KTVB, 21-year-old Tiffany Knapp, of Caldwell, admitted to injury to a child in court on Monday afternoon and may spend up to 10 years in prison for her horrendous crime against her own child.

While Knapp was not arrested until late last year, the investigation into her actions began in March of 2016.

On March 8, 2016, authorities discovered Knapp’s daughter, who was already 8 months old at the time, in horrifying conditions at her family’s home.

According to court documents, by the time she was finally rescued, the baby girl weighed no more than 11 pounds—severely underweight for an 8-month-old baby.

Child Protective Services reportedly launched an investigation after receiving a tip that there was a “severely malnourished and underweight” child living in Knapp’s home.

Medical personnel who examined the baby at the West Valley emergency room later revealed that the baby girl likely would have died in a matter of days had she not been taken to the hospital when she was, according to KTVB.

Authorities wrote in a Caldwell Police report that after questioning Knapp extensively, they were stunned to learn that the tiny baby had been fed nothing but watered-down milk and Kool-Aid.

Surprisingly enough, the baby girl already had health problems at birth; she was premature.

According to reports, doctors had prescribed the baby girl a special type of formula that was supposed to help her gain weight quickly.

The police report shows that Knapp never picked up the prescription, even though she knew she was supposed to get it.

In fact, Knapp reportedly told authorities that she remembered the prescription, but she “just spaced it.”

It came as no surprise to police when doctors explained to them that the baby girl’s poor weight gain was a direct result of her lack of nutrition.

After being taken into custody by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and placed in foster care, the baby reportedly gained a full four pounds in just 20 days.

Earlier this week, Knapp pleaded guilty to a felony for neglecting to feed the girl. She is expected back in court to be sentenced on April 3, 2017.

While the baby was said to be in foster care back in September, after her mother was arrested, it is unclear exactly where she’s being cared for now.

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