GRAPHIC VIDEO: Teen Thug Learns BRUTAL Lesson After Pointing Gun At Cop

Baltimore Detective David Kincaid Jr. shot and killed 18-year-old Curtis Deal on Tuesday, February 7th, during an armed incident where Deal pointed a gun at the officer. Now, the graphic video has been released.
Baltimore, Maryland has quickly become the poster child for liberal run cities gone bad. In what can only be described as shocking and graphic, one teen thug just received a brutal dose of justice that he never expected after pointing his gun at a cop.

According to Daily Mail, the Baltimore Police Department released the extremely graphic body camera footage of 18-year-old Curtis Deal being shot and killed by Detective David Kincaid Jr. after the teen raised his gun and pointed it directly at the officer. The fatal shooting took place on Tuesday, February 7th during a foot chase, which was also captured on the detective’s body camera. Deal was reportedly shot 4 times after pointing his gun at the detective.

Warning: The follow video contains graphic content

According to a report by the Baltimore Sun, there was a significant amount of controversy leading up the 18-year-old’s fatal encounter with police. It seems that when the thugs aren’t creating their own perfect storm, Baltimore government officials are always on hand to push things over the edge.

Deal, who turned 18 in November, had been in court just one day prior to his death. His appearance before District Court judge Nicole Taylor was the result of his third arrest in one month on gun and drug-related charges. Judge Taylor made the decision to let Deal go home on his own recognizance pending his trial on an unsecured $250,000 bond. At the risk of stating the obvious, What was this judge thinking?
Curtis Deal, 18
During Deal’s hearing, the judge acknowledged the prosecutor’s recommendation to keep Deal in custody after 3 consecutive arrests, but still allowed him to walk free, telling the young thug, “You’re not going out at night, you’re not going to get food, you’re not going to meet your girlfriend. You’re in your house.”

The day after Taylor imposed a 1 pm curfew on Deal, he was shot and killed by detective Kincaid during the armed foot chase at approximately 3 pm. Immediately, the finger-pointing began, and oddly enough, very few of the fingers were pointed at the thug who threatened an officer’s life with a gun.

The Mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, said, “It shows dysfunction, I believe, in our criminal justice system.” She continued, “People who have those many gun charges probably should not be on our streets.” It seems clear that Pugh holds “the system” responsible for the thug’s death.

Kevin Davis, the Baltimore Police Commissioner, released a statement saying that the shooting was justified and that he was proud of Kincaid for his brave work. “I expect police officers to chase people who bail out of cars with guns,” the Police Commissioner said.

Davis was also highly critical of Judge Taylor’s decision not to keep Deal in custody, even though he had two prior arrests within a one-month period. He scolded the judge, saying his department “could very well be planning a police funeral right now.”

Taylor refused to comment through a court spokesman.

This fatal incident gives us an overview of the unfortunate status quo in Baltimore. Many of us vividly remember the Baltimore riots in April of 2015 over the arrest and death of Freddie Gray that resulted in the unjustified prosecution of cops who were doing their jobs. It’s time for people to wake up and see that these aren’t isolated incidents; rather, this is how liberals destroy a society.

One can’t help but wonder how police officers manage to go to work every day in cities like Baltimore and deal with these kinds of life-threatening situations where they have to decide to put down a thug or risk not going home to their own families. The stress of dealing with liberal-created chaos has got to be unimaginable.

Our police aren’t the problem. The entitled thug mentality in which there are no consequences, which has been encouraged by the left, is to blame.

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